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Upon receipt of your transcript order a “Request for Audio” is submitted to the Court. Within approximately 1 to 5 days, audio is uploaded directly AVTranz. Recordings of hearings 2 months or older may have been archived by the Court and could take longer. Once we receive your audio you will be emailed or faxed a transcript order form, which will provide you with estimated costs based on estimated pages and your desired turnaround time. We offer hourly, daily, 3 , 5 , 10 and 20 business day turnaround times.

Uploading your audio requires the use of a zip program. You may upload the files at http://escribers .net/upload.php.

Please include a copy of your order confirmation with your audio when it is delivered. Audio must be in a format that is compatible with our transcribing software. The following is a list of compatible audio types:

FTR Gold, Courtsmart, Voice IQ, JAVS, wav, bwf, mp3, wma, mpg, asf, wmv , avi

VHS tapes and CD's in a CDA format require conversion and are subject to a conversion fee.

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